Power Tools: Server 1.1

Power Tools: Server 1.1 is a new feature release, with a focus on providing more detailed view request information and quality of life improvements. We've highlighted the new features below.

Release Date: March 1, 2017
Build Number: 1.1.5

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View Navigation Detection

View information is now tracked at the request level, instead of at the VizQL session level. This is useful to detect when a user has clicked an action link to another view, or clicked on another tab in a workbook with the "sheets as tabs" option enabled.

Slow View for User Incidents

Triggers for slow view incidents can now be narrowed down to a specific set of users. This makes it possible to receive alerts when VIPs have undesirable wait times looking at dashboards. See the Slow View Incident Documentation for more details, but here's a quick example configuration snippet:

 "monitoring": {
    "incidents": {
      "triggers": [
          "counter": "ViewRequestDuration",
          "severity": "critical",
          "threshold": 10000,
          "usernames": ["ceo_username", "cto_username"]
          "counter": "ViewRequestDuration",
          "severity": "warning",
          "threshold": 60000

Improved Time Filtering

When navigating between different dashboards the current time range is now maintained.

Tableau 10.2 Beta Support

We've added beta support for Tableau 10.2. This shifts the minimum support in our support window to Tableau 8.2.

Username Filtering

On the VizQL Session, View Requests, and Slowest Views screens you can now filter items by username.

Username Filtering

The username searching uses "contains" matching, so you can specify partial usernames to search for multiple users with similar usernames, or users from multiple domains.

Username Filtering Modal

Other Improvements

  • Minor updates/changes to EULA. Please review it for any changes relevant to your situation.
  • Database optimizations to increase data processing throughput.
  • Added a new director process to master server that can track and manage system status.
  • Improved agent process detection to ignore transient tabprotosrv processes.
  • Added a read-only configuration screen that display current incident/notification settings.
  • Added pre-calculated Duration columns to several tables to ease custom report building.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved memory chart axis scaling.
  • General chart label improvements.
  • Any plain text passwords in the configuration file (ex: database, MQ, etc) are now re-written in encrypted form during startup.
  • Added detection for /destroy/sessions view requests.
  • Improved agents to ignore gateway processes on non-primary nodes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug affecting query detection when run from the VizQL process.
  • Fixed a bug with memory spark line charts showing percentages instead of GB like the full charts show.
  • Fixed issues that could sometimes cause requests to not be matched to a VizQL session.
  • Fixed an error when downloading the TDS for custom reports in certain situations.

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