Power Tools: Server 1.2

Power Tools: Server 1.2 is a new feature release, with a focus on new reports and expanded data collection. We've highlighted the new features below.

Release Date: April 17, 2017
Build Number: 1.2.5

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View Performance Report

You can now download a tableau workbook containing performance information about a view session. This can be done from the view session details or view request details screens.

View Performance Report Button

The workbook contains information about the session, requests, queries, and contextural information similar to the details screens. As a tableau workbook this information becomes more portable - you can hand reports to workbook publishers, site owners, or consultants as a convenient starting point for investigating view performance problems.

View Performance Report

Session Data Server Queries

Published data source queries, which are run in data server processes, are now shown in the view session details screen.

Data Server Queries

Tableau Repository Connection

Power Tools: Server can now gather information directly from the tableau repository, and you can supply connection information in the environment administration screen. Repository connection information is optional, but future features may require it to function correctly. In some cases the repository will also be used as a way to supplement API access for more efficient data collection.


Site Filtering

On several screens you can now filter items by site.

Site Filtering

Tableau 10.2 Official Support

We've tested our beta 10.2 support against 10.2 RTM and now consider 10.2 support official.

Other Improvements

  • Agent registration can now auto-detect which processes should be defined for the server.
  • External data request histograms can now be configured through the externalDataRequestDuration configuration key, before it shared the configuration of the viewLoadDuration key.
  • Added descriptions to TDS download links.
  • Ongoing incidents are now easier to identify on incident screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug cleaning up vizql session temporary data in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where details for availability incidents were shown in notifications, but not in the actual incident details screen.
  • Fixed an error processing queries with very long connection strings.
  • Made potential fixes for loading view information in certain circumstances.

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