Power Tools: Server 1.5

Power Tools: Server 1.5 is a new feature release with a focus on Tableau 10.5 beta support and data accuracy.

Release Date: January 19, 2018
Build Number: 1.5.3

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Tableau 10.5 Beta Support

We now have beta support for Tableau 10.5.

Our standard practice is to only support the eight most recent releases of Tableau. Tableau 9.2 is now the minimum version of Tableau Server that we support.

Process CPU Scaling Changes

Previously process CPU usage (ex: the Tableau Processes chart on the Environment Overview page) would show a value between zero to (c * 100) where c was the number of cores on the machine. We've made two changes to these charts:

  • The data of these charts is now scaled between zero and 100.
  • Multiple processes of the same type are summed instead of averaged when aggregating for a given time slice.

Other Improvements

  • Changed the agent installer to launch the browser to the registration step, with a link back to basic server setup for advanced users.

Bug Fixes

  • Environment down incidents due to HTTP timeouts should now show a more friendly error message instead of "Unknown."
  • Fixed a data processing error when monitoring multiple environments if they independently generated the same Apache request ID in a small time frame.
  • Fixed concurrent users query to count overlapping sessions correctly and not consider user domain in distinct user counting.
  • VizQL and data server VizQL logs are now processed separately, fixing an error that could cause data server sessions from being associated with their respective view VizQL sessions.
  • Fixed an error when collecting performance data from machines in non-anglosphere cultures.

Known Issues

  • When the MQ server is unreachable to agents (ex: the master server is restarted, etc) then the agent often needs to be restarted after connectivity is restored for data collection to continue. We will address this limitation in a future release.
  • Data source names may be missing from certain data queries. This is often due to tableau server logs not having enough information to associate queries with their data source. We are working to minimize the issue when possible.

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